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A hiker plunges to his death, a child is kidnapped and a man has his throat slashed to keep him from telling secrets that lure stolen art sleuth, Rane Lavita, and her pal, Chanlee, into the labyrinthine underbelly of the murderously lucrative world of forgeries and porn. A world where fakes are terrifyingly real, love is threatening and mundane realities like baseball caps and innocent smiles become sinister weapons in a to-the-death struggle to outwit 10,000 suspects.[Read Excerpt]

Welcome. RayandaArts is a phantasmagoric showcase of my original art. Everything from the novel, Ten Thousand Suspects, to the paintings, photography, poetry, reviews, urban trekking, contests, puzzles and quiz are my creations, along with the site itself. I handcoded and did the design, layout, text, graphics and photography.

To celebrate the launch of RayandaArts I'm offering visitors the opportunity to read my adventure mystery novel, Ten Thousand Suspects, for free with the proviso you respect that I retain all rights.

And you might go for some prizes by trying your hand at my visual puns, puzzles and contests.